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With such a diversity of food and beverage manufacture in the UK we offer a range of polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic resin flooring solutions to satisfy the needs of any client. We work with you to create an install specification that considers the moisture service conditions with respect to fats, oils, sugar solution and natural food acids , degree and type of traffic, required chemical resistance, slip resistance, temperature exposure and plant and machinery requirements of the finished installation. Our consultants have years of experience in the specification of health and safety directive compliant flooring solutions and will work with you to deliver the perfect solution.


For the harshest production environments you need the most durable flooring and drainage systems and that's exactly what our chemical and corrosion resistant resin flooring will provide. We will work with you to specify the ideal flooring system for your production needs from our selection of high traffic, none slip, easy clean solutions. Our experience in specifying and installing chemically resistant resin flooring solution for use in adverse production environments in simply second to none.


We will teach you all about the available flooring solutions for your educational establishment. From nurseries to world class research and teaching facilities we have the perfect flooring systems. Whether you are looking for durable resin flooring for high traffic areas, slip and stain resistant flooring for labs and kitchens, engineered wood flooring for hall and assembly spaces or vinyl flooring for indoor sports facilities you can learn from our experience and be certain of obtaining the results you desire.


When time to market and shelf life are at a premium you need a flooring and wall coating solution that helps minimize production downtime and provides the longest service lifetime with the widest range of chemical and environmental resistance possible. Our consultants will work with you to deliver the optimum flooring solution for your working environment ensuring compliance with British Standard 8204-6 and all current health and safety directives. Non-slip, seamless, durable and easy to clean flooring systems are our speciality, whether you require integration into a new build or an upgrade within a working facility call us today for a rapid solution.


Flooring fit for the toughest tasks in the automotive and aeronautic industries, assembly, maintenance, painting and warehousing. We offer a range of flooring solutions with impact, scratch, wear and fire resistance to suits your needs. Our resin flooring solutions are fully resistant to the oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, fuels and detergents always found in these environments. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior specific flooring systems our experienced staff will find the perfect range of solutions for your specific requirements.


From pharmaceutical production facilities, operating theatres to medical imaging suites and everything in between we have the expertise and range of products to deliver you the optimum environment for your healthcare activities. We'll specify and install your production area flooring from our wide range of easy clean, high mechanical and chemical resistance resin floor systems. Our conductive and static dissipative flooring is perfect for use wherever static sensitive electronic equipment is in regular use. Our anti-microbial treated materials, seamless resin and PVC surface coverings are all proven to excel in sterile processing environments and are ideal for use in aseptic suites. To have you queries answered contact one of technical consultants today.


The  print  and  packaging   industries   require seamless, impact resistant, contaminant free, durable flooring systems that are highly stain resistant and easy to clean. Whether you require a full install for a new facility or are looking to expand your business our low maintenance, dust free resin flooring systems will help you and your clients to make a lasting impression.


Efficient and safe workplaces need well planned zoning and clear demarcation. Our layout specialists can help create the most efficient marking scheme to maximise the safety and function of your working environment. Logical use of hatching, high contrast colouring and practical zoning will help your facility to run smoothly and without incident. We specialise in complex workplaces that require the integration of robotic workstations and computer controlled vehicles within a human environment.



Wherever possible we arrange our repair teams to work during your scheduled maintenance time eliminating additional production downtime. Our cost effective repairs will help you to minimise your losses and we'll perform a full health check to identify causal factors so that they can be eliminated wherever they exist saving you future down time and repair costs.



Time spent with an independent installation consultant before tendering your next project can save you both time and money. We can advise on materials and process suitability, specification and code compliance, works scheduling, safety and project costing. Knowing what your project should involve and how little it could cost puts you in the driving seat.

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